Board Meeting Information

  • The Board meets monthly, generally the first Sunday morning of the month.  Interested member-owners are welcome to sit in on these meetings.

  • The Board has its own calendar of work, and Board meeting agendas derive from this as well as from issues that require immediate attention.

  • Only current member-owners are allowed to attend Board Meetings.  Member guests must bring their membership card to verify their status.  Guest names will be noted in the minutes.

  • The Board has allotted a ten-minute slot on the agenda when pre-approved items may be brought up by member owners.  Each member (one person per household) is limited to a three-minute presentation. Time cannot be borrowed from another member. The Board will listen but not necessarily respond to member concerns at that time.

  •  Topics that are operational in nature are generally not appropriate for Board time and consideration and should be handled at the store level. 

  • Member input through the “Open Forum” will be taken into consideration and dealt with at a future time.  This consideration may be a lengthy process and may result in a change of policy or a decision to maintain the status quo.

  • Members may remain at the meeting unless the Board goes into Executive Session, at which point guests will be asked to leave.

  • To attend a meeting, please pre-register by emailing the Board President at, providing your contact information.

  • The meeting may not be recorded electronically.