National Voter Registration Day

Every year, millions of eligible voters are unable to cast a ballot because of a missed registration deadline, outdated registration information, or other problems with their voter registration. Potential voters are caught in a vicious cycle that sees unregistered citizens become non-voters who are then ignored by political campaigns which, in turn, leaves them uninterested in the electoral process. In the presidential election of 2016, over 65 million people – or one in four eligible voters in the country – were unregistered, over half of which reported never even being asked to register. For communities already underrepresented in the electorate, the numbers were abysmal – those in the Latino, Asian and Black communities saw lagging participation with high numbers of unregistered voters at 30%, 27% and 17% respectively.

By joining in the national celebration on September 22, we hope that Americans across the country will celebrate #NationalVoterRegistrationDay and get themselves and their communities registered to vote and ready to cast a ballot.


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