Co-op Mother's Day Gift Guide!

You don't have to venture far from home to bring sustainable sweet treats and self-care sundries to those you love!
When you shop the co-op, you know that your money stays in your community!

photo of products listed below

1 Sunbeam Candles Locally-Made Beeswax Heart Candle, 2 Juniper Ridge Wild-harvested Sweetgrass Braid,
3 Nubian Hertiage Patchouli & Buriti Bar Soap, 4 Sunbeam Candles Locally-Made Beeswax Lavender Pillar Candle,
5 Pacha Soap Co. French Lavender Froth Bomb, 6 Bonne Maman Raspberry Preserves,
7 Pacha Soap Co. Honeysuckle Rose Whipped Soap & Scrub, 8 Equal Exchange Fair Trade Organic Orange Infused Dark Chocolate,
9 Pacha Soap Co. Pachafetti Zero Waste Soap, 10 Tony's Chocolonely Milk Chocolate Pretzel Bar, 
11 Pacha Soap Co. Flower Pot Froth Bomb Set, 12 Mighty Leaf Organic Matcha Green Tea,
13 Endangered Species Fair Trade & Non-GMO Chocolate Bars, 14 Acure Vegan Firming Gold Foil Mask


Give the gift of healthy food and sustainable wellness- 
co-op gift cards are always available at check out!
Available in any amount- just ask at customer service or checkout!

Want to give the gift of membership?
Purchase a $40 gift card (covering a new member’s processing fee and first equity share payment) or a $200 gift card (to cover full equity)!